Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh (2005)

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Thanks to Olga from Belarus for thos 5 wonderful Postcards.

Nesvizh Castle or Niasvizh Castle is a residential castle of the Radziwiłł family in Nesvizh, Belarus.

In 1994, the castle complex was designated the national historical and cultural reserve. In 2005 the castle complex was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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Mir Castle Complex (2000)



Thanks to Viktoryia Dabryian from Belarus for this beautiful view of the Mir Castle

The Mirsky Castle Complex (Мірскі замак), is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Belarus located in the town of Mir in theKarelichy District of the Hrodna voblast

The construction of the castle began at the end of the 15th century, in the Gothic architecture style. Building of the castle was completed by Duke Ilinich in the early 16th century near village Mir (formerly of Minsk guberniya). Around 1568 the Mir Castle passed into the hands of Mikołaj Krzysztof “the Orphan” Radziwiłł, who finished building the castle in the Renaissance style. A three-storey palace was built along the eastern and northern walls of the castle. Plastered facades were decorated with limestone portals, plates, balconies and porches.

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